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As a Sunday morning project I made a sleeve for my new Ipad mini. Still some of the neverending IKEA-fabric pile and the lining is some thicker sweater-fabric. I used velcro for closure.



Easy, simple project just to make our living room brighter. I used IKEA- fabrics and all of the cases has zippers, so they can be taken off and washed.

The old cases were all dark and faded, these are light and made if durable canvas.


Hello there!

Last weekend was productive; I made this little baby hoodie as well. Again the tutorial I found is nice and easy, check it out here. Credit goes to leafytreetopspot.

So this is the result:


And this is my husbands old sweater what I used for the project:


A few more photos of the sweater where you can see that the front is lapped, giving an easy access to the baby. 🙂



I am planning to do more baby sewing projects this weekend! Have a nice time!

I have just finished making 3 pairs of babypants for my coming little one.


This pair is made of my hb’s old, small T-shirt, plain black with wider legs at the bottom and an R2D2 pattern at the bum. 🙂


This pair is the upcycled version of my old boring T-shirt with Egyptian hieroglyphs on it. They appear now only on one leg. There cuffs at the bottom.


This pair is warmer, made of some leftover fabric I had. Also cuffs of the black T-shirt.


Hereis where I found the project by Pieces by Polly what takes you further to Helping little hands’ tutorial with free printable pattern.

Have a nice Sunday!

I made this cute squirrel toy. Its belly and forehead is made of a different patterned fabric, but the basic body is plain brown-gray. The nose and eyes are just sewn. I stuffed it scrapfabric and for my hubby’s suggestion I made a little heart and put it in. Who knows? Probably once we have to operate it. 🙂

The credit for the pattern and the instructions goes to Matsutake. See them here!