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Gift for my triplet sisters

Little rice-filled owl handwarmers made of felt. Idea and pattern here by repeatcrafterme.



What a crafty Christmas. Happy preparing!


It is a Christmas gift for my brother. The original one with a tutorial you can find here, done by UrbanThread. It is filled with rice to make it comfortable when typing.
I find it cute and funny, basically did not change anything, just adedd mouth and whiskars. Ooo and what I like a lot, I added claws (or something like those) and kittypaws.
Feels comfy. 🙂




And that is how he is sitting in the giftbag. 🙂


Happy holidays!

I made this little embroidered purse for my friend for Christmas. She loves giraffes. 🙂

Happy crafting for the holidays!





I realized that probably could use a few more overalls, so I made a pattern based on an existing one and here is the first result.


I used scraps of 2 old T-shirts. You can guess what the baby’s name is going to be! 😉


I guess I could upload the pattern if anyone needed it, let me know.
Happy sewing!

Our spices took too much space on the counter. Earlier I made a fabric basket to hold the open bags, but it was not effective enough to keep the area tidy.
It is not my own idea, seen it on the internet as everything, to put the spices in test tubes. So, we did that, bought a plain cardboard basket, what I decoupaged (it does not look so nice, it was not easy) with some steampunky hot air balloon paper. I put away the unnecessary stuff, hid them in cupboards and drawers, so it looks nicer and finally we can use another part of the counter. 🙂