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We bought these world map pictures for our son’s room from IKEA (ooops, I see the last one is upside down).

They are a bit boring, so I thought I would perk them up. I could have drawn on it, but I am not so good at that, so I decided to do something else. I went for simple origami. Just a few pieces here and there. Some of them I put on with double sided tape , some with scotch tape, some I kept flat, some I made more 3D.

You can personalize it to your own life and the little one’s world, put on animals what he likes.

 These are the origamis I made. You can find the diagrams here:

A closer look: turtle and hearts,


fish, elephant, rowing boat,

whale, crab and sailing boat.


And here is the result:

Have a nice day!



Our spices took too much space on the counter. Earlier I made a fabric basket to hold the open bags, but it was not effective enough to keep the area tidy.
It is not my own idea, seen it on the internet as everything, to put the spices in test tubes. So, we did that, bought a plain cardboard basket, what I decoupaged (it does not look so nice, it was not easy) with some steampunky hot air balloon paper. I put away the unnecessary stuff, hid them in cupboards and drawers, so it looks nicer and finally we can use another part of the counter. 🙂


We got the stroller in a huge cardboard box, what I did not want to throw out. We need some smaller boxes, so I ended up cutting and refashioning the big box.





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Easy, simple project just to make our living room brighter. I used IKEA- fabrics and all of the cases has zippers, so they can be taken off and washed.

The old cases were all dark and faded, these are light and made if durable canvas.


We keep our vitamins and daily pills on the corner kitchen shelf, but it became so messy, that every time I touched the pile something fell down. So I decided to make a holder for them.

I used my favourite pattern, what I already used a million times, e.g. here:

So here it is:


I am obsesses with these canvas buckets. I already made a lot of them and have ideas for much more purposes.

The tutorial is very followable:, it is done by Kargrrl.

So here are our 2 new bathroom caddies:Image



And here are my earlier ones: