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I wanted to put my love into my son’s backpack, not just grab one from the store shelf. After all he has started nursery school.

First time I used piping (also made by myself) and I lined it as well.

Aaand an semi-action photo (just at home):




For a while I have not made anything for myself and I forgot have much fun that is. 🙂

I have wanted to have harem pants for a long time. I bought this fabric 2 years ago, I made a mattress cover of it, these pants and still enough for a dress or at least a shirt.

It has a really pretty bright pattern, unfortunately I could not make it symmetrical. Here is the pattern which worked great. I just put elastic to the waist and ankles and here you go.


I just want to share a clever idea from the internet. I bought a pair of shoes for my 2 years old. The one with the velcro was sold out in his size and anyway I like the style of the one with shoelaces better. 

But he is too small for tying his own laces and I would like him to be able to put on and off his shoes on his own. (It is not happening yet, but I think soon enough.) So I knew I would have to alter them somehow and internet as most of the time helped me out. Just put an elastic band instead of the laces.

I chose one with a popping color. At the end I decided that the knot should be in front of the tongue, not the bother the little feet. Also put some washi tape at the ends to stop fraying.

Aren’t they cute?


There are not so many sewing projects out there for men and it is not the easiest category to make a garment for a man. So I have been always a little bit reluctant to make clothes for my husband. But shorts are just never comfortable enough for him what we buy in stores, so I felt that I should try it.

I am running out of space for the fabrics, so I promised to myself I would buy no more fabrics in August. I wanted to keep my promise so looked around what I could use. Ended up with with using a fabric from Ikea, Blavinge canvas. I knew he would like it, it has really cool pattern with bugs and plants. It is light enough for summer and I hope durable enough for wearing.

I found a good looking pattern in the summer edition of Ottobre magazine for kids. I changed just a few things; no sidepockets, taller waistband and adding a pocket on it inside. I altered the size too for perfect fit (still could work on it a bit next time).

It took the freetime of many days, one day pattern drawing, next one cutting them, then transfering and fabric cutting and the sewing itself was about 3-4 days too. It means 1-2 hours a day what I could spent with it.

I am proud of the final product and my husband likes it a lot too and he says they are comfortable. Yaay!

After the fabric austerity I will get some denim and make another one using the experience from these. 🙂

Do you know some good patterns or ideas for men? If yes, please share them with me.

I love napping, sleeping, relaxing. It is necessary to have comfortable and nice pijamas for that. I just bought a super lovely pair what I used as a template for the new-old ones. I used new fabric for the pants and an old, big T-shirt for the top.

Have a nice nap!



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I made this sweater a few months ago, so it has been over a trial period and I can say I am satisfied. It was not easy to deal with the little pieces coming off the cut edges, but I handsewed them at the end and had went through them by machine too.

I had the pattern from Burda magazine.

What is your opinion?



The trickiest and nicest part is the back.


Have a nice Sunday night!