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The big day is coming and still some things to do!
I finished my flowerbouquet. I love flowers, but I dont want to kill them -just to be in my bouquet- and I imagined something more special. The internet is full of inspiration in the case too. So many clever people so beauiful handmade flowers. I decided to do paperflowers. The technique is easy, cut out spirals and roll them up. Voila! 🙂 The rest is just some wires and beads. It is too tiny, but the head of the flowers are sometimes too heavy for the wire. So I decided not to make it bigger. I love the result! 🙂 Do you?





We are going to have a very small wedding (9 people including us) in 2 weeks. In spite of the small number of guests, we wanted everyone important to know about the fact, that we are getting married. So we decided to send notification cards. I was looking for one premade, but I also wanted something unique and personal so we chose to make them on our own.

One side is a photoshop creation with a photo of us and a little text (saying We are getting married!. Btw we are a bilingual couple so we had to make different versions for both languages.) This is the photo side.Image

We just put it together at home by photoshop and printed them on our little photoprinter.


The other side is printed on fancy paper from the store.



Then we put to 2 sides together with a spray adhesive, some colorful envelopes and they are ready. Cute, handmade, personal. 🙂