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I wanted to put my love into my son’s backpack, not just grab one from the store shelf. After all he has started nursery school.

First time I used piping (also made by myself) and I lined it as well.

Aaand an semi-action photo (just at home):




I just want to share a clever idea from the internet. I bought a pair of shoes for my 2 years old. The one with the velcro was sold out in his size and anyway I like the style of the one with shoelaces better. 

But he is too small for tying his own laces and I would like him to be able to put on and off his shoes on his own. (It is not happening yet, but I think soon enough.) So I knew I would have to alter them somehow and internet as most of the time helped me out. Just put an elastic band instead of the laces.

I chose one with a popping color. At the end I decided that the knot should be in front of the tongue, not the bother the little feet. Also put some washi tape at the ends to stop fraying.

Aren’t they cute?


My little son has been growing so fast since he was born, that by the time I manage to make something for him it is already almost too small to wear. I have to plan in advance and start making bigger sizes.
Here are a few pair of pants what are easy enough to throw together in a short time.


I realized that probably could use a few more overalls, so I made a pattern based on an existing one and here is the first result.


I used scraps of 2 old T-shirts. You can guess what the baby’s name is going to be! 😉


I guess I could upload the pattern if anyone needed it, let me know.
Happy sewing!

I have just finished making 3 pairs of babypants for my coming little one.


This pair is made of my hb’s old, small T-shirt, plain black with wider legs at the bottom and an R2D2 pattern at the bum. 🙂


This pair is the upcycled version of my old boring T-shirt with Egyptian hieroglyphs on it. They appear now only on one leg. There cuffs at the bottom.


This pair is warmer, made of some leftover fabric I had. Also cuffs of the black T-shirt.


Hereis where I found the project by Pieces by Polly what takes you further to Helping little hands’ tutorial with free printable pattern.

Have a nice Sunday!