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For a while I have not made anything for myself and I forgot have much fun that is. 🙂

I have wanted to have harem pants for a long time. I bought this fabric 2 years ago, I made a mattress cover of it, these pants and still enough for a dress or at least a shirt.

It has a really pretty bright pattern, unfortunately I could not make it symmetrical. Here is the pattern which worked great. I just put elastic to the waist and ankles and here you go.



There are not so many sewing projects out there for men and it is not the easiest category to make a garment for a man. So I have been always a little bit reluctant to make clothes for my husband. But shorts are just never comfortable enough for him what we buy in stores, so I felt that I should try it.

I am running out of space for the fabrics, so I promised to myself I would buy no more fabrics in August. I wanted to keep my promise so looked around what I could use. Ended up with with using a fabric from Ikea, Blavinge canvas. I knew he would like it, it has really cool pattern with bugs and plants. It is light enough for summer and I hope durable enough for wearing.

I found a good looking pattern in the summer edition of Ottobre magazine for kids. I changed just a few things; no sidepockets, taller waistband and adding a pocket on it inside. I altered the size too for perfect fit (still could work on it a bit next time).

It took the freetime of many days, one day pattern drawing, next one cutting them, then transfering and fabric cutting and the sewing itself was about 3-4 days too. It means 1-2 hours a day what I could spent with it.

I am proud of the final product and my husband likes it a lot too and he says they are comfortable. Yaay!

After the fabric austerity I will get some denim and make another one using the experience from these. 🙂

Do you know some good patterns or ideas for men? If yes, please share them with me.

My little son has been growing so fast since he was born, that by the time I manage to make something for him it is already almost too small to wear. I have to plan in advance and start making bigger sizes.
Here are a few pair of pants what are easy enough to throw together in a short time.


I have just finished making 3 pairs of babypants for my coming little one.


This pair is made of my hb’s old, small T-shirt, plain black with wider legs at the bottom and an R2D2 pattern at the bum. 🙂


This pair is the upcycled version of my old boring T-shirt with Egyptian hieroglyphs on it. They appear now only on one leg. There cuffs at the bottom.


This pair is warmer, made of some leftover fabric I had. Also cuffs of the black T-shirt.


Hereis where I found the project by Pieces by Polly what takes you further to Helping little hands’ tutorial with free printable pattern.

Have a nice Sunday!

I have not sewn any clothes for myself for a long time, so here it comes.
I used my husband’s old pants what had such an oldfashioned shape, something carrot-like, so he did not wear them at all. I love how it turned out, perfect for spring/fall especially with colorful pantyhose.





Some photos of the process.






Have a nice weekend!