Sewing Away

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There are not so many sewing projects out there for men and it is not the easiest category to make a garment for a man. So I have been always a little bit reluctant to make clothes for my husband. But shorts are just never comfortable enough for him what we buy in stores, so I felt that I should try it.

I am running out of space for the fabrics, so I promised to myself I would buy no more fabrics in August. I wanted to keep my promise so looked around what I could use. Ended up with with using a fabric from Ikea, Blavinge canvas. I knew he would like it, it has really cool pattern with bugs and plants. It is light enough for summer and I hope durable enough for wearing.

I found a good looking pattern in the summer edition of Ottobre magazine for kids. I changed just a few things; no sidepockets, taller waistband and adding a pocket on it inside. I altered the size too for perfect fit (still could work on it a bit next time).

It took the freetime of many days, one day pattern drawing, next one cutting them, then transfering and fabric cutting and the sewing itself was about 3-4 days too. It means 1-2 hours a day what I could spent with it.

I am proud of the final product and my husband likes it a lot too and he says they are comfortable. Yaay!

After the fabric austerity I will get some denim and make another one using the experience from these. 🙂

Do you know some good patterns or ideas for men? If yes, please share them with me.